Keeping Your Trunk Tidy

Five Ways to Keep the Trunk of Your Car Organized

We are all looking to keep our car more organized and the trunk of our car is one of those places that can easily become a hot mess. From tossing in your groceries, your kids' sports equipment, and any other random items you may find in your car, it doesn't take long for the lunch to become a disaster. So to keep your entire car, including your trunk more organized, here are five easy ways to stay ahead of the mess. 

  • Leave foldable laundry baskets in your car for grocery shopping days. This way you can load all of your grocery bags into the laundry baskets for an easy and organized way to transport them to your home-no spilled grocery bags for you. Plus, you can easily carry the laundry baskets into the house rather than making a dozen trips trying to carry all the bags. When you are done, just fold the laundry baskets back up and store them in the trunk until your next shopping trip. You can also store these baskets in a large plastic container.
  • Another grocery bag option is to attach a bungee cord across the inside of your trunk and string the bag handles through the bungee cord.
  • If you have plastic containers of different supplies in the trunk of your car and the bins are constantly moving and shifting around while you drive, grab double sided adhesive and a few inexpensive book ends. Place the adhesive on the bottom of the books end and attach to the bottom of your trunk. Then place the bins against the book end-which will now work as a stopper, so the bins won't budge while you are driving.
  • To keep items off the floor but still easily acceptable, hang items like umbrellas, your purse, or bags using a carabineer clips from the dollar store. Just attach the clip to the headrest on the back seats. 
  • Grab a few over-the-door organizers and place them behind the back seat. Now you have compartments and pockets for almost everything you store in your car. This is a great place for emergency items as well as the items you need every day. You can also store cleaning supplies in your car for the times you need to make a quick cleanup.
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